Values Based Team Culture – Consulting

Core values as a foundation to identity, confidence and clarity of purpose. In this three part series, we match behaviours with values to live authentically and lead groups driven by clear principles built on core values. This process will contribute to a strategic, values based culture for the group or organization.

In a structured three part process and with an appreciative tone, we explore the individual values of the group. We will determine whether these values are being authentically lived through the interactions of the team. We find out which values are negotiable and non-negotiable with the aim to develop team cohesion. The final result is to develop a team charter for the group to refer to in times of conflict or uncertainty. This charter is meant to evolve as the team builds confidence in each other and the process.

This three part workshop is currently offered virtually (Due to COVID19 restrictions), making it accessible to a team spread throughout different geographic locations.

*Custom training design available upon request*