Snowmobile Mountain Skills

Although there is a Canadian Safety Council – Nationally standardized snowmobile operator course, it is designed for flat terrain and does not equip operators with the skills to maneuver in deep snow. The Canada Backcountry Services – Snowmobile Mountain Skills certificate is unique curriculum that evolves as riding skills emerge from participants. This is an obvious next step for anyone who has completed the Canadian Safety Council or BC Snowmobile Federation – Snowmobile Operator course looking to advance their skills and also for first time snowmobile operators. We work with all experience and riding levels and adapt delivery to the needs of each individual. We connect with clients ahead of the course in order to assess needs and determine goals.

With the intent of inspiring increased snowmobile safety within industry and government, our founder Alex Ibbotson has spent years refining the design of this training content sharing these skills predominantly with members of the Canadian Armed Forces. Although custom courses with specific needs and time commitments are available, we have simplified the content into two levels.

Snowmobile Mountain Skills Level 1 (SMS1) – 1 Day Course

(expires after two years without logged snowmobile field days)
Starting at – $325 per person plus GST
  • Learn functional riding posture and positioning to increase control and reduce fatigue;
  • Learn to switch from ‘flat track’ (trails), to ‘on edge’ (deep snow);
  • Integrate throttle and brake for control and flow;
  • Tips and guidance for better communication and safety practices;
  • Explore mental components of backcountry decision making;
  • Elements of avalanche awareness present throughout course.

Snowmobile Mountain Skills Level 2 (SMS2) – 2 Day Course

(expires after two years without logged snowmobile field days)
Starting at – $515 per person plus GST
  • Refresh and advance all available skills from SMS1;
  • Route finding and hazard avoidance;
  • Considerations for using the contours of the terrain to your advantage;
  • Group management and team decision making;
  • Trip planning and navigation.