Snowmobile Mobility Training

Mountain Riding Skills
Level 1:

This training will improve mountain riding confidence. Whatever skills you currently have, there will be opportunity for growth with the below topics are covered:

  • Trip planning, gear ideas, avalanche equipment and avalanche resources;
  • Learn to switch from ‘flat track’ (trails), to ‘on edge’ (deep snow);
  • Integrate throttle and brake for control and flow;
  • Learn functional riding postures to increase strength and decrease fatigue;
  • Considerations for using the contours of the terrain to your advantage;
  • Tips and guidance for better communication and safety practices;
  • Route finding and hazard avoidance;
  • Explore mental components of backcountry decision making;
  • Elements of avalanche awareness present throughout course.
Mountain Riding Skills
Level 2:

This is a second day progressive option to continue building on the first day learning. This course will be customized and co-designed with group members to optimize our time together in the mountains.