First Aid Training

First Aid Training

At Canada Backcountry Services we consider first aid to be an essential backcountry skill. Whether you are starting your first aid journey with urban first aid or you are expanding your skills into the wilderness, these proficiencies are perishable and need continual attention to maintain. Prevention is the best way to have a positive outcome but in the event of an incident, you will value any first aid training you have acquired. Although training is not the same as reacting to an injury, the fundamentals you learn in these Canadian Red Cross Standardized programs will develop your ability to save someone’s life.

Urban First Aid Offerings

Canadian Red Cross core First Aid & CPR courses offer lifesaving first aid skills. All courses cover cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Courses meet legislation requirements for provincial and territorial worker safety and insurance boards. These skills are for individuals needing training for the workplace or for those interested in having first aid skills so they can respond to emergencies at home

CPR A 4 hours teaching time

(Adult CPR only)

CPR C 5 hours teaching time

(Adult/child/infant CPR)

Emergency First Aid (EFA) 6.5 hours teaching time (CPR A)

7.5 hours teaching time (CPR C)

Standard First Aid (SFA) 13 hours teaching time (CPR A) Not currently certified for this

14 hours teaching time (CPR C) Leave a space to add

Wilderness and Remote First Aid

Canadian Red Cross developed specialty first aid courses for remote and wilderness settings. Courses are suitable for those who live, work, and/or play in remote locations or for individuals who supervise those who do. The elements of nature are unpredictable and complicate an emergency response to injury. The more these skills are practiced the more likely you are to react in an effective manner. Participants must be in good health and physical condition to perform the requirements in a non-urban environment.

Wilderness & Remote First Aid 20 hours 25-50% outdoors

Advanced Wilderness & Remote First Aid 40 hours 25-50% outdoors