Women’s Nature Therapy and Cultural Leadership Retreat

Women’s Nature Therapy and Cultural Leadership Retreat


Criteria: Candidates are hand-picked from their communities and selected to take part in this project because of their involvement in their communities and the likely hood of them passing the learning onto youth in their communities. These individuals are chosen because they are champions in their community and influential. Ages 20 – 40 Female.

Dates: June 24 – 28, 2019

Facilitator: Canada Backcountry Services

Instructors: Kelly Harlton (BWSC), Alison Harle (WRFA), Alex Ibbotson

Breakdown of hours for Retreat:

Canadian Red Cross Wilderness Remote First Aid 20hr

Culture (Stories/Beading/moccasins) 10hr

Basic Wilderness Survival Course 5hr

Leadership (Value awareness/Personal Mastery) 5hr

Yoga (Stretching) 5hr

Native Species/Invasive Species ID (Nature hike) 5hr

Total 50hr

* 50hr in a 5-day week w/ 10 hour of specific exercise

* First Aid and Wilderness Survival courses are passive exercise

Date: June 24, 2020
End Date: June 28, 2020