March Avalanche Training – Kootenays

Avalanche Skills Training Level 1

March Avalanche Training – Kootenays


  • Build confidence with your equipment and companion rescue skills;
  • Use the Avaluator to identify avalanche terrain for decision making in areas rated with the Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale;
  • Learn to identify avalanche terrain;
  • Understand Avalanche Canada bulletins and danger ratings;
  • Understand snowpack basics, how snow loads, slab formation, release, weak layer ID and signs of snow instability;
  • Engage in trip planning;
  • Determine your own level of risk tolerance and how this applies in a group setting;
  • Understand group dynamics for better decision making;
  • Learn the limitations of AST Level 1 material and the path for continued training.

    21.03.02 AST1 Kimberley

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Location: East Kootenays
Date: March 3, 2021
End Date: March 14, 2021