Who Are We?

Canada Backcountry is a snowmobile-based backcountry and
industry skills and coaching company located in Kimberley, BC.
They offer a range of programs for skills development, navigation,
terrain assessment, avalanche skills training and first aid training.
Aside from the hard skills learned on the snowmobile, Canada
Backcountry provides coaching on soft skill development such as
Values Based Leadership, Strategic Culture and Trauma Informed

Trusted by industry professionals and the Canadian Rangers,
Canada Backcountry provides a safe, friendly, inclusive space
to learn and progress backcountry and snowmobile skills. The
programs are crucial to the armed forces, special forces and the
natural resource sector in providing land-based job preparedness,
upskilling and corporate strategy.


Chad Potter

Owner – Potter Shotz Mountain Photography

After many years of riding experience, I went into the AST1 thinking I knew most of the content. The course was not boring at all. Alex’s bubbly energetic way of teaching was entertaining. For such a young lady, she knows her stuff. Alex has an unbelievable amount of knowledge and experience through her time with the Canadian Rangers. Not only can Alex teach, she is also a very technical backcountry rider.

Tracey Peet

Head Engineer – WSP

I had Alex as an instructor through multiple snowmobile camps and she was a fantastic coach. Even though I seemed to have a record amount of stucks, she stayed with me and was super patient with her teaching. Within 30 minutes of taking me aside to teach me downhill carving, I went from bombing it straight down a steep hill to carving perfect turns in the powder. I would definitely take another camp with Alex as the instructor and I can only hope one day I can keep up with her!

Mark Gentile

Naval Combat Information Operator – Royal Canadian Navy
What’s it like to receive training from Alex Ibbotson? First and foremost, let me start with saying it is fun. From beginning to end Alex developed our avalanche awareness and even came up with some fun post avalanche search games for us to test our new knowledge. Even though she keeps it fun, she makes sure to state how serious the subject is. As a member of the Royal Canadian Navy I can respect that she always kept safety first. Alex is not a person to let avalanche safety slide. She made sure to point out any potential avalanche warning signs while taking our group out snowmobiling. I’m not sure if it was to give us a break or to educate us but either way, we needed it. She can ride with the best of them and had no problem taking rookie sledders and developing us way past what I ever imagined was possible in five days. Besides ending that week as a better sledder, I was more importantly a smarter sledder. As an instructor she taught very professionally for someone who felt like a friend at the end of that week together. Anytime you get a chance to work with Alex do it! She is the epitome of fun, safety and professionalism.

Claude Normaneau

Canadian Ranger – 4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group Fort Nelson Patrol

In my opinion Alex instructed extremely well in an avalanche skills training course for the Canadian Rangers where I was a student. Based on my time working with Alex I would very highly recommend her as an instructor.

Niomi Mio

I met Alex when I signed up for an all-women’s sled clinic. Friendly, approachable and knowledgeable, she was a fantastic instructor. Her acknowledgment of everyone’s skill level was key. We started in the classroom and then we made our way up the mountain. Listening to our needs, she individually helped us learn the skills we requested. So competent on her sled and so patient with us, I’d recommend learning from her skill set to anyone.

Dave Duff

Training Chief Fleet Diving Unit Pacific

I am writing in enthusiastic support of Alex Ibbotson. I have never written a recommendation, however; I’ve never had the opportunity where the candidate or the situation be such a perfect fit. I was provided an opportunity to take part in a week-long snowmobile training exercise, within the mountains of British Columbia. Over the course of the week, Alex Ibbotson was not just a patient and creative educator, she was also a miracle-worker! Alex invested the time required to explain and demonstrate both technical and life saving techniques specific to the terrain and dangers of backcountry snowmobiling in the BC mountains. Her in-depth and methodical teaching methods allowed me and others on this exercise to not only improve on, but also establish new skills and techniques. The techniques and skills that Alex so expertly executed to the class have taken my sledding abilities and riding confidence to a new level. I could not be happier with Alex Ibbotson as a coach and an educator.   The dedication she shows to safe backcountry snowmobiling, to her students’ individual needs and the snowmobiling community, is exceptional. Thanks to Alex I have enjoyed more backcountry riding than ever before and greatly look forward to my next opportunity to learn from her expertise.